Our talent advisors who are present on-site will oversee and assist in the development of your company.


If your company requires a large number of staff members throughout the year, our Partner-on-Premise program is an excellent choice. This program involves one of our experienced Talent Advisors being stationed at your facility to collaborate closely with your HR team to effectively recruit, manage and staff your temporary workforce.

Our representative from Elasel Staffing Solutions not only functions as an additional member of your HR team but can also swiftly adapt to your changing talent requirements. By choosing the Partner-On-Premise program, you can have confidence in having a single point of contact right within your organization, allowing you to concentrate on your business strategy.

Our program has an essential part to play in:

  • Allowing for a strategic approach to talent management
  • Enhancing the involvement and motivation of employees
  • Boosting efficiency and output in the workplace
  • Enhancing the availability of coaching for employees
  • Streamlining the process of welcoming new employees
  • Decreasing employee turnover and overtime hours
  • Improving the planning and execution of operations
  • Eliminating the need for unplanned staffing
  • Creating effective methods for recruiting new employees
  • Addressing future scheduling needs
  • Tailoring the process of bringing on and letting go of employees
  • Making safety training easier and more accessible.

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